Self Pleasure – The Basics

sissygurlk8 | 08.12.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy humbly reports that yesterday was he.r special day and s.he was able to masturbate and achieve a sissy orgasm. This sissy had missed he.r last 3 special days, because s.he didn’t have the desire to pleasure he.rself. Fortunately, s.he had the time and desire yesterday and s.he successfully jerked off he.r little sissy clit as s.he laid in bed in the morning.

This sissy woke up and had some time to he.rself, s.he was already wearing her boi-panties (not as pretty and frilly as s.he would have liked, but still panties). This sissy put earbud headphones in he.r ears and relaxed back into he.r bed. This sissy opened the Soundcloud app on he.r phone and opened a sissy hypno file, specifically s.he played 2 files from Mistress Amethyst titled “Slip Into Mindlessness” and “Insatiably Silly”. They are both quiet and subtle trance tracks designed to change sissies minds and help he.r embrace he.r sissy future.

This sissy relaxed in he.r bed, listening to the soft, repetitive training of the sissy hypnosis and s.he started to pleasure he.r little sissy clitty. This sissy slowly moved he.r thumb and pointer finger up and down he.r little sissy clit as he.r mind swirled with sissy thoughts. S.he luxuriated in the pleasurable feelings of he.r fingers teasing he.r tender flesh. This sissy listened to over an hour of he.r sissy mind training until s.he finally approached oragsm; warm and comfortable in he.r bed, he.r body responded to he.r careful ministrations. This sissy deposited he.r tiny load of sissy cum on her tummy, where s.he scooped it up with he.r fingers and tasted it.

This sissy had tasted he.r own sissy cum before, but s.he is always tentative. This sissy hopes that with repeated training, s.he can learn to eagerly eat he.r own cum on every special day that s.he is granted. Not only as the conclusion of he.r special masturbation, but as a desired, anticipated climactic reward for he.r good behavior and sissy confirmation.

This sissy slowly tasted he.r own cum yesterday and licked it off he.r fingers, cleaning he.r tummy of any cum s.he could find and letting he.r mind continue to sink deeper into the words of sissification playing in he.r ears.

Finally, this sissy got up from bed, showered and put on a fresh pair of boi-panties. Ready for the day and he.r chores that were due to be done. Sissy checked for any spilled cum on the sheets, finding none, s.he made the bed before beginning he.r other daily chores.

This sissy’s Superior Significant Other has never approved of this sissy’s masturbation, she has moral issues with any display of masturbation. However, this sissy has masturbated since s.he was a young boy. Only now, after embracing he.r sissy nature is this sissy able to better appreciate the importance of he.r self pleasure. This sissy used to simply “jerk off”, now this sissy will hope to use he.r weekly special days to pleasure he.rself as a sissy should, with the appropriate mindset that a sissy should have. A mindset of reverence for he.r superiors, understanding of he.r place in the world and for the proper treatment of he.r body, he.r pleasure experience and he.r yummy, cummy result.

With eternal appreciation for he.r Feminine Superiors, this sissy thanks he.r House Mistresses for he.r special day and hopes that s.he can graduate to better sissy masturbation and continue to use he.r gift of sissy masturbation to further he.r sissy training in order to serve all women and prepare he.rself to service a real man.

Hugs and kisses, sissy kate


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