Panties fo Work
jennifer1015 | 08.17.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy appreciates the opportunity to participate and submit this report to this sissies Superiors and Staff at the House of Sissify and appreciates any guidance or direction the Staff will provide. This sissy does not have a Mistress or Master so this sissy considers this privilege granted by Staff to be an opportunity to further this sissy’s development. Thank you so much!

This sissy found the assignments in The Zen of Servitude to be very eye-opening in terms of self-awareness. As stated in the assignment, regardless of the sissy’s situation, a sissy can practice some form of servitude throughout the sissy’s day. For example, this sissy does not have a Mistress of Master to serve, so it is difficult to provide direct servitude to a Superior. However, this sissy can and has practiced all the daily activities, such as male quality replacement with feminine sissy behaviors, wearing panties, walking, kneeling, sitting, punishment, woman studies, and redemption activities that are suggested throughout the article.

For example, this sissy has made a mental note to eradicate many male behaviors. In the past, this sissy might challenge other males both verbally and physically when having a discussion or argument. But now, this sissy couldn’t care less who’s right or wrong and has become much more passive. This sissy would much rather observe the make-up, clothes, and accessories that many of the woman are wearing while wondering how they would look on, as the men argue about stupid things like sports or politics! Although at times it has been difficult this sissy to train brain to control the testosterone and the typical male response, this sissy has thankfully reached the point where s.he just doesn’t care about that stuff and finds much greater pleasure at observing fashions and getting the “men” another round of beer while they argue! This sissy finds h.erself gravitating to the Hallmark channel, watching what Real Woman have to deal with on a daily basis, and having a good cry, as opposed to watching a baseball game (yuk….soooo boring!)

Of course, wearing panties every day is the foundation and reminder for many of the other thoughts of servitude and behavior modification. As this sissy feels soft panties against skin, s.he automatically wants to take smaller steps and slightly sway hips because s.he is finally embracing who s.he really is, which is a subservient submissive sissy to superior Mistresses and Masters. The practice of sitting, standing and especially kneeling as a proper sissy has slowly modified this sissy’s typical male behavior and has reinforced the preferred feminine behaviors over time. Since beginning this practice last October, this sissy has noticed a big difference in how s.he sees in the world. This sissy definitely moving toward the feminine side of life! OMG, this sissy literally cannot get it off brain and it is driving crazy!

And finally, on a daily basis, this sissy always tries to find a way in which s.he can serve a Woman and place a Woman’s need above own. Wether it’s giving place in line to a Superior Woman at the grocery store or taking out the trash for the female bartenders at the local pub, this sissy is always looking to serve a Woman and to place the Superior Woman’s needs above the needs of this sissy.

This sissy hope that Superiors find this report to be acceptable. Thank you.


  1. I would give you ten pumps if they were available honey! Nothing makes your Staff happier when a sissy gets the intention of such a foundational assignment, and applies it daily. You have gotten a Level 3 Badge!

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