18 pairs of panties!
alixk | 11.06.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy’s name is alix k and she has been a sissy crossdresser her whole life. After reading the guidelines for the Servitude Assignment this sissy got started right away. S.he has been very conscious of the way she walks (making sure her very girly bum is swaying from side to side) And been trying really hard to sit like a lady. S.he is only sitting down to pee. This morning this sissy got into her car and drove to a number of stores to buy lots of panties (18 pairs) and signed up for a rewards program at la senza, woohoo 10 percent off each purchase! After finishing at the lingerie stores this pathetic sissy went straight to the adult store and bought her sissy vagina a metal buttplug with a pink gem on the end which she is wearing as she writes this essay and a dildo to fuck her worthless sissy hole. This sissy is already a very good cook as she used to he a chef. As s.he finishes this essay she will be going to clean the house top bottom while plugged.

Thank you so much for reading this pathetic sissy’s essay and she is looking forward to hearing how she did and can improve.




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