Serve your Superior!
nellynghl | 05.02.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Curtsy House Superiors,

The sissy is excited to write this report to show her progress to sissyfication.

The sissy-in-training practice feminine traits without a Mistress / Superior.

However, the sissy secretly treat her girlfriend as her Superior. The sissy agreed with the statement from the training assignment,

“If a sissy practices her feminine poise at all times…. she will often find that much of what she desired from her Mistress is naturally granted. Even when the Superior is not openly encouraging feminization/sissification!”

The sissy secretly wear panties without her Superior knowledge.

After a few months of a relationship together, the sissy opens up with her Superior about her satin fetish or silky soft clothing.
One day, while shopping at the lingerie department with her Superior, the sissy approached a silky smooth panties. The sissy whispered and blushed to her Superior that the sissy would like to try that pair of panties and requested permission from her Superior to buy it. As her Superior knew the sissy has a fetish towards satin. Without hesitation Superior agreed to buy the panties. The sissy was both surprised and shocked.
Since then the sissy has started her collection of panties without afraid being caught. The sissy was automatically required to wear her panties all times.

To be a better servant, the sissy force herself on washing Superior’s dishes, cleaning Superior’s room, giving Superior massage, washing Superior’s laundry, helping her Superior shower and even cleaning Superior’s feet.
Sometimes the sissy blushed when her Superior compliments the sissy a good maid.

To keep up with appearances, the sissy would randomly ask to borrow a dress, high heels and makeup from her Superior, hoping and praying for her Superior to dress up the sissy. For the moment, her Superior never dresses her up yet as her Superior is thinking the sissy is joking.
But, last few nights, the sissy naughtily requested from her Superior if the sissy can shave his legs and chest. And guess what, her Superior agreed. Her Superior mentioned that Superior will arrange time to help sissy with her shaving. The sissy is now waiting in excitement to be a smooth sissy and the sissy promise to write a report on it.

The sissy is currently adopting the feminine, sissy behavior as stated in the training assignments. The sissy would never create arguments with her Superior as the sissy always reminded herself that the Superior is correct.
However, the sissy is afraid that her Superior might feel insecure if the sissy is too feminine. Superior might think that the sissy has no ability to take care of her Superior. For example, if the sissy has a weak personality; passive and emotional.

For punishment, the sissy is lucky as her Superior is very kind and caring. Her Superior never punishes the sissy yet for any wrong being. But, the sissy would slap herself to show her submission to her Superior.
On the other hand, for reward, the sissy will ask permission from her Superior to touch her sissy clit, but she Superior would only touch her sissy clit without stroking and denial the sissy for cumming. Sometimes if the sissy is lucky, her Superior would kiss her sissy clit. The sissy is only allowed to cum after satisfying her sexually.

Last but no least in Women’s study, the sissy often reminds herself to respect and admire all Women. Recently, the sissy would randomly notice, how do a Woman dress and fantasize about being a Woman. The sissy’s mind indirectly tries to admire the Woman’s clothes, hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, shoes and wonder how great it would feel like that Woman.

The sissy is yet to practice walking, kneeling and sitting. The sissy promise to do a follow-up report on “Sissy Walk”, “Posture and Obedience” once the sissy master it.

Love and Kisses ,



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