Serving my Superior

trisha-kobichenko | 08.27.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear House Superiors,

After joining the House of Sissify and reading Assignments surrounding Servitude, I realize that I am blessed with a Superior that I can serve 24/7. She is my SO, and totally accepting of this sissy’s girly self. This sissyslut has assumed all household duties…dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping and vacuuming, as well as watering and taking care of my Superior’s plants and garden. This sissy has become an excellent cook, and prepares our meals every day, so my Superior is not required to lift a finger. Sissy’s Superior’s response has been wonderful. She praises this sissy and thanks her often for the attention and service provided.

This evening, when sissy returned home, she put on her denim skirt and sequined top, and began to cook dinner. Sissy’s Superior noticed her outfit and said “Come over here, so I can see you.” “Where did you get that top?” She demanded. Sissy responded that she has had it for some time, but does not wear it often. “It looks nice on you” she said. Then she said “Those shoes have got to go lady!” (Sissy was wearing river sandals with white anklets) She asked me what other shoes sissy had to wear and sissy told her “only heels and boots”. “That’s too formal” She said.
Then she went to her closet and returned with a pair of ballet slipper wedges and handed them to me (we are the same shoe size). “I have never worn these, and I think they will look good on you” she said with a smile. Sissy tried them on, and they fit wonderfully! Then sissy proceeded to cook dinner, and serve her Superior. This sissy is so appreciative of her Superior, and feels soooo girly tonite. Sissy has included a pic of her new shoes!

sissy trisha kobichenko


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