sachel | 08.07.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy benefited greatly from studying the Zen of Servitude. This sissy needed the study to reinforce the qualities the sissy’s Superior desires. This sissy focused internally on listening and anticipating the sissy’s Superior’s needs and desires. This sissy found extreme pleasure in performing a foot rub and pedicure. The sissy spent some time softly massaging the Superior’s feet with lotion. Rubbing harder on the bottom of the foot to relieve stress and lightly tickling up the leg. The sissy then cleaned and filed the toenails and applied two coats of a lovely shade of pink nail polish. This sissy wished to use the color as well, but it was not to be today. This was about serving not about foolish sissy desires.

This sissy then prepared a lovely salad for the Superior for dinner and poured wine as needed. The sissy was allowed to finish the plate then had the pleasure of giving her Superior a back massage.

This sissy then spent the next day, as this sissy will do from now on, making sure he was respectful of all Superior Women he came in contact with and when appropriate offering compliments such as on the shade of nail polish or the color of Their handbag. This sissy also will make it a point to be very deferential to all Superior Women the sissy may come in contact with, such as at a restaurant or store.


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