A sissy serves her Superior

Servitude ignored in male culture

annabelx | 05.02.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

The whole concept of servitude is ignored in male culture. That is, men don’t think of being a servant, so it is fairly difficult to go from a male ego to the level of servitude a sissy must achieve to truly enjoy her status. It becomes obvious that a sissy must plan her path through the many facets of servitude. While planning doesn’t guarantee a result it does increase the odds immensely.

Presently this sissy has no mistress and as a result she needs instruction from the house. This sissy is a fairly good cook but she can always do better. she needs to especially work on keeping the house in order. As this sissy writes this she is realizing that her house needs her serious attention, from cleaning to redecorating.

This sissy has not practiced massage so she will need to do some in depth research before she is called upon o administer this. Actually, as this sissy imagines it, massaging my mistress would be such an honor… the sluts breath catches at the thought.

Being a hostess would be far from her comfort zone and she tingles with the anticipation of doing that someday. To provide all services possible to a group who sees you as the slut you are is so exciting to think about. It makes this sissy wiggle her butt.

The sissy has always enjoyed cunnilingus and has always endeavored to provide the best possible experience. With the knowledge learned in the House, she hopes to become the go to girl. She has never practiced fellatio but what are we here for? The answer is to become the best cocksucker she can possibly be. This sissy has never sucked a cock, so she will have to learn from the ground up. Perhaps she can find someone forgiving to start with. That said, she is really excited to swallow some cum.

Some of the physical things will definitely require practice. For instance, this sissy is wearing 3 ” heels. The upside is that she is starting to walk decently in them. She may be able to move to 4″ in a week or so.

The thing this sissy takes away is that serving needs to be embraced. The slut’s main role is to provide pleasure for her partner, mistress, or any other person she comes in contact with. While this is includes sexuality, it also extends to every day service to fulfill the needs of those around the sissy. The sissy must get peasure from the maid duties as well or she will not have the proper attitude on her knees.



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