bimbojessi775 | 08.13.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Hello Superiors, my servitude is my reason to exist the only thing that makes me happy is to please a Superior. I must forget my masculine lies and become pretty and feminine as possible for my Superiors mentally and physically as this will please them. Because serving women and whoever they delegate is so important and crtical to my happiness I am constantly trying to become more subservient, more thoughtful of my superiors, and less selfish. I am not a man. I am a sissy submissive little weak slut and my place is to obey and to forever worship the ground my Superiors walk on I never was a man, I am designed to obey Superior Women, that is all of them. Perhaps i can be a good enough little sissy bitch that i will make my Superiors happy and onebwill take me as their possession. I will be quietly and patiently waiting for what my Superiors have to say about my first report. I am grateful theyhave allowed me this opportunity to serve and learn more about my rightful place at their feet.

-Your loyal and pathetic sub


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