A vacation of servitude with Mother

yeliza | 06.20.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dearest Mistresses of The House of Sissify,

This sissy spent he.r last few days on vacation with he.r Superior Mother in Ireland, it was a wondeful vacation and as per request of Madame Stewart, this sissy has kept her journal for every day s.he was there. Due to privacy reasons of this sissy’s Superior Mother, s.he unfortunatly can not include any pictures of actual people. sissy hopes You enjoy the beautiful scenic pictures sissy took to go along with the report. sissy sincerely hopes You enjoy the report.

Entries from a sissy’s travel journal…

Monday: sissy unpacked he.r Mothers supplies for Her and gave Mother a wonderful foot rub after the long days travel. Whilst travelling this sissy spent he.r time thinking about he.r sitting posture and walking the way a sissy should. this sissy went to all the wonderful stores with he.r Mother aswell just looking at all those beautiful dresses and underwear sets made this sissy very excited! Whenever he.r Mother expected something of this sissy or told h.er to do or fetch something s.he quickly did as s.he was told. Serving as a usefull sissy holding the clothes h.er Mother selected and talking to the Superior shop assistants. Whenever this sissy’s Mother wished for something sissy rushed to go and take care of it. Be it cleaning somethin up or bringing h.er Mother something, sissy did it with much delight. Furthemore this sissy hasn’t stopped chanting he.r qualities to he.rself while travelling!

Tuesday: today this sissy’s Superior Mother and this sissy he.rself went for a wonderful walk. this sissy made sure to relieve he.r Mother of all the heavy lifting. During the walk this sissy noticed that he.r chanting of he.r qualities where paying of. this sissy has started to notice that in he.r head s.he is referring to he.rself as “sissy” and “he.r” more and more. After our beautiful walk sissy hurried to unpack all of he.r Mothers things for Her and offered Her another footrub. s.he also took this chance to do all the laundry he.r Mother required so She could sit back relax and enjoy a book. sissy offered Mother another footrub, sissy’s Mother was happy to receive one from this sissy. That made this sissy very happy. When he.r Mother offered he.r the same service this sissy gratefully declined and told he.r Mother that She deserved it and that this sissy was happy to give Her one without anything in return.

Wednesday: on this day this sissy’s Superior Mother and he.rself went sightseeing along the coast. this sissy took this oppertunity to drive for he.r Mother so She could enjoy the views. this sissy had made a packed lunch sandwich and healthy salad for he.r Mother and a sandwich for he.rself. this sissy and he.r Mother ate the lunch at a stunning location with great views over the ocean. sissy talked to he.r Mother about lots of things. It really was a great time this sissy had today and s.he felt he.r Mother had too.

Thursday: today was a quiet day for this sissy’s Superior Mother. She did not feel up to doing alot so She and this sissy stayed in a nice hotel for the day. this sissy took this oppertunity to paint he.r Mothers toe nails a beautiful red color he.r Mother wanted. this sissy’s Superior Mother and he.rself went to a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant where this sissy focused on he.r posture and table manners. Mother and he.rself had a good talk about emotions and femininity.

Friday: sissy’s Superior Mother and he.rself went for a a drive and a nice relaxing walk in the local area. Mother was very tired after the walk so sissy did Her laundry for Her so She could relax. this sissy made the evening meal for the both of them and he.r Superior Mother enjoyed it alot. Right before bed this sissy massaged he.r Mothers feet and made sure to pack he.r Mothers belongings for Her so they could travel fast in the morning.

Saturday: today this sissy had a very hard day. Literally. Because this sissy had given up her special days to better serve he.r Superior Mother, this sissy was very horny all day… luckily chanting her qualities and some encouragement from Madame Stewart got he.r through the day. After the days activities this sissy had organised so he.r Superior Mother wouldn’t have to this sissy unpacked he.r Mothers bags and repainted Her toenails the same red color. This pleased he.r Superior Mother and made this sissy feel more like the sissy s.he knows s.he is

Sunday: Ah yes, blessed sunday… sissy’s Superior Mother and sissy he.rself took this beatuiful day to visit some of the old churches around he.r area. sissy would drive and make sure he.r Superior Mother had everything She needed to keep Her head cool on this hot day. After visiting all the beautiful churches Superior Mother and sissy went for a nice dinner at a restaurant. sissy remembered he.r posture and sat like the sissy s.he is. Remembering he.r table manners and making sure to open all the doors for he.r Superior Mother so She could enter first like the Superior She is. Once back at the hotel sissy did all of he.r Superior Mothers laundry for Her. Much to Her (and he.r) pleasure. sissy gave Mother a back rub and a foot massage today. They where quite stiff from all the driving today. Mother complemented on this sissy’s duediligence. This made this sissy very happy to serve and truely made he.r appreciate he.r Mother more!

Monday: today this sissy’s Superior Mother and this sissy travelled very far by bus. So this sissy took this time to talk to he.r Superior Mother some more about femininity. sissy also chanted her qualities some more and is proud to say s.he knows then all by heart now and finds he.rself trying to implement them into he.r way of thinking and talking. After the long days travel sissy unpacked he.r Mothers belongings and told he.r Superior Mother how grateful this sissy is for everything She has done in he.r life. There was an honost connection of love which made this sissy cry out loud. A very rewarding day.

Tuesday: today is the last day of the trip this sissy’s Superior Mother and he.rself, sissy had packed all of he.r Superior Mother’s belongings for Her so they could enjoy the sights in the city they where staying, carrying the luggage down for he.r Superior Mother they left the hotel to go have a short tour of the city in a bus. They had to go to the airport shortly after, and took an airplane back home. After the train ride, sissy’s Superior Mother and he.rself had arrived at Superior Mother’s house, sissy made sure to unpack Mother’s belongings before departing to he.r own house. sissy’s Superior Mother and he.rself had a heartwarming goodbye and commented on the great stay they had had.

What have you learned sissy?

  • sissy now knows all of her quality replacements by heart and is working hard to implement them into he.r daily life
  • sissy learned that it can be very rewarding to put somebody elses needs over their own
  • sissy now knows the pleasure’s of massaging he.r Superior’s feet and back as instructed
  • sissy has a better understanding of being able to communicate about he.r feelings
  • sissy has learned that to become what she aims to become sissy has to keep focused and keep up he.r training to reach he.r goals.

this sissy hopes You at the House enjoy this report, sissy thanks You for reading it.

sissy yeliza



  1. Madame Stewart

    I would give you even more points than I can for this yeliza. This report almost put Me in tears. The service you offer your Mother is pure – and the ability to have done this has set in motion an understanding of service to the Divine Feminine in all Women. So proud of you!!!!

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