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Dear Superiors of The House,


This sissy’s first week under House Rule has been very exciting, but every time she would pull her panties down, she would see her ugly hair everywhere. This sissy couldn’t wait for the weekend to have time to finally shave that manliness away!

This sissy drew a hot bath with a revitalizing eucalyptus and mint body soak, which made the cutest little bubbles. The bath was steaming hot, so this sissy took the time to practice painting her toenails while she waited for the water to cool. Once the water was cool to the touch, and he.r toes dry, this sissy lit six candles, uncorked a bottle of wine, and slid into the tub. s.he put on a beautiful record from Sampha and began he.r soak by thinking about all of the changes that have started to occur within just the first week. After 10 of relaxing and indulging in the moment, this sissy got to work. As Instructed, s.he started at the tips of he.r toes and worked her way up. First the left leg, and then the right. By the time s.he got to her upper thighs, s.he decided it was time to change razors and started afresh. s.he took extra care with backs of her legs, her behind, and sissy clitty. In all, the process took over two hours, but as this sissy rinsed off s.he felt more than just he.r hair being washed away, s.he felt another layer of manliness being washed down the drain and a new sense of freedom rising in it’s place.

sh.e stepped out of the shower and looked at he.rself in the mirror. where he.r once self-conciously skinny, hairy legs used to be, s.he now saw long, smooth stems that made her smile. s.he then lubbed he.r legs up and slid into black latex leggings, a sheer see-through blouse, and her new 5″ heels before heading out to a party for the first time dressed en femme!


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