Shaved and Blissful

sissysami | 09.08.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superiors,

Today this sissy took her time and properly shaved her body following the sissy shaving assignment step by step. she did her best, and despite the shave being far from perfect this sissy will continue to improve so one day shaving every morning will be as natural as waking up to her. After being done shaving she went back to her room and couldn’t wait to get into her stockings. The feeling when putting on her stockings was sooo amazing sissy almost had an orgasm. Now she is sitting in her room, rubbing her legs against each other, and unable to stop. It just feels so good. But sissy has to be careful to not have an accident, as her special day is not today but tomorrow, so she will distract herself with her next assignment: her sissy walk. And while sissy can’t handle 5″ heels yet, she will continue to improve to meet her mistress’ expectations and to be the sissy she strives to be.

Love and kisses
sissy sami


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