Shaved smoothly

trnelittlesiaay | 06.26.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Good morning to my Superiors and beautiful sisters. So last night this sissy went to shower and changed her mind to take a warm relaxing bubble bath… Of course naughty things started racing through my mind causing my cunny to ache after a few minutes I decided to ease my special ( g spot)plug into my slit until it reached its special spot relaxing I began to have contractions and my clitty began to throbb dripping my sissy juice’s. I then figured I’d better get to shaving myself until I was smooth as a little girl should be. So I first started with my slit moving to my bubble bumm working up to my breast then legs. Of course taking pictures of this Sissy’s progress throughout. When finished I felt like a new little girl all silky smooth.. getting so excited rubbing this sissy body… Finally laying down in just my panties tucked of course laying imagining being used to fulfill my future Mistresses desires using her slut as she chooses until drifting to sleep…


  1. bukakkesissy

    hello Madame, this sissy keeps he.r legs,ass and arm pits shaved, s.he doesn’t grow much in the way of body hair (a natural sissy!) he.r wife doesn’t allow he.r to shave he.r bush. this sissy hopes that is ok. this sissy is so great-full for your service !

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