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A Shaving Epiphany

jamie71 | 08.02.2017 | Uncategorized

This sissy began its shaving assignment with the sole aim of understanding what its Superiors go through to achieve the beauty and feminitity it adores and craves.

This sissy bathed then began, it purchased lady razors and shaving cream and began. The cathartic feeling of doing its legs made it so happy and also felt so strange, but once shaved and powdered it felt wonderful. Sadly the feeling of incompletion was still there so this sissy had to continue, it shaved its chest, its underarms and still did not feel whole.

This sissy knew it had to take care of it’s ugly male part hair also and with it’s recent lack of unseemly erections due to black cohosh, fenugreek and saw palmetto it aimed to do its best at becoming what it needs to be to be a productive and wanted sissy. When this sissy thought its legs were a way to be a good sissy, the time and care in doing its crotch were mindblowing. To finally see it hairless, then tucked away made this sissy burst out in tears.

Trying to explain this is tough for a silly sissy but having read the assignment and knowing what this sissy dreams to achieve, it knows it could only have been possible, only had the courage, only taken these steps from the support and guidance here.

This sissy is so thankful.
Love and kisses


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