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jackieq | 05.11.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

While some people shave just to smooth, a sissy shaves as a ritual to confirm her girlish essence. It’s more than just ridding oneself of body hair (as gross as the stuff is), it’s showing one’s dedication to their place in the world as a sissy and to their Superior. A sissy can’t just quickly shave like, say, a Real Man who’s on a swim team would. Instead, we need to make it an experience, a ritual, that reminds us that we are less than both men and women.

Taking the time to soak beforehand is great for serving their Superior in some way but it’s also a good time for quiet meditation on what it means to be a sissy and to get in touch with one’s girlish essence. A bubble bath with some candles and light music playing while one soaks can set the mood just right to make sure that a sissy feels like a sissy rather than just thinking they are one. The time and dedication it takes to ensure that every hair is gone is cathartic; it’s zen.


  1. jackieq really hit the sweet spot in My heart in this Report. I just love it when Our girls truly get the intention of the Assignment, and jackie has confirmed the ritual of femininity. Yes! A badge for you!

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