Shaving: The Sissy Essential

jennifer1015 | 08.27.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superiors and Staff at the House of Sissify,

Sissy shaving is exhilarating, very challenging, and essential. From beginning to end, the entire shaving experience allows the sissy to feel very relaxed and girly. From soaking in the bathtub, to applying the scented shaving cream, working the feminine razor all over sissy skin, and applying scented lotion, this sissy felt very, very, feminine. In addition, with this Assignment this sissy feels that it is responsibility to please the House by preparing h.erself to be as smooth, presentable, and feminine as possible for future training assignments.

This sissy also feels the intent of the Assignment is to make a connection in the sissy’s psyche between an act (shaving), an intent (the sissy’s free act of feminizing h.erself), a sensation the (sissy’s soft smooth skin), and an association (smooth skin is found on woman). This reinforces the feminization process and is one more sissy step (preferably in high heels!) in this sissies acceptance of who s.he really is. The smooth feeling of the sissy’s skin against clothes is a constant and everyday reminder to this sissy of who and what s.he is: a submissive sissy! Finally, this sissy will now need to plan and make time to shave legs (and the rest of her body), on a regular basis, just as any other woman. This sissy found the assignment to be very effective and enjoyable. Thank you


  1. margeaux

    There is not much more that can be done that isn’t already said in this very reflective and wonderful report! Finding that mental connection between the physical act and your status as a sissy is so important.

  2. sissy-jennifer

    Thank You so much Madame Stewart (curtsy)! The training here seems to really work! This sissy has not had the urge to purge (at least not a strong urge) since being allowed to participate in Your wonderful program. Between the training assignments and the House taking control of this sissies silly wanking, many small steps (in heels of course) achieved in the training are becoming more natural (and seem to be permanent, such as shaving, tucking, and wearing panties)! This sissy loves reading all Your comments to all Your sissies. Such great information from a Superior Woman (curtsy). More importantly, the motivation to serve seems to becoming naturally stronger slowly subjugating this sissy’s male ego to subservience and obedience. This pathetic sissy thanks You so much for Your direction!

    1. sissy-jennifer

      Thank You so much Madame Stewart (curtsy)! This sissy learned so much from reading the tuck assignment that s.he stared tucking before submitting the tuck report! And what a fabulously fem feeling : ) this sissy loves it…always wanting to serve and please it’s Mistress (curtsy)!

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