vanessa_tg | 08.07.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

My dear Superiors,

From her first Assignment, this sissy has realised that along with mental and behavioural changes, appearance is an important aspect of being submissive for a Superior. Therefore sissy vanessa was pleased to be given the opportunity to modify herself through the Shaving Assignment.

As she anticipated, this necessitated a shopping trip to purchase the required female razor. This she felt was important, not just because it was the appropriate product but also to further enhance her sissy being. sissy vanessa does realise that there will of course be further opportunities to acquire feminine items as part of future assignments as and when the House Superiors dictate.

Once home, a hot bath was drawn and sissy climbed in for the initial soaking of her lower extremities. After the required length of time, the shaving soap was liberally applied to each area in turn followed by careful but thorough shaving. This sissy will provide a piece of advice at this point in that she found that the backs of her legs tricky to completely be void of manly hair so special attention must be paid.

Upper extremities. sissy vanessa is very fortunate to be blessed with little body hair to this didn’t take too much time. Having said that, sissy’s armpits were not easy to deal with and it too careful positioning of the razor to remote the hair. In terms of generating the appropriate triangle, this sissy has previously removed all her hair from that area and it will take some time to grow back; in the meantime she will do the best she can in helping it grow back neat.

Once completed, sissy got out and before she dried herself, emptied the bath making sure that there was no residue left behind. Once dry, this sissy felt that in order to work towards a more feminine appearance, moisturiser should be applied to help keep her skin soft. Although this wasn’t quite in line with the directions in part three. exiting procedure, this sissy felt it after and she could go a better job on the floor rather than in the wet bath.

It is with respect that this report is submitted for review by the House Superiors,

sissy vanessa


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