shaving waxes and creams… oh my!

sabrinabusch | 05.26.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

(curtsy and kisses the feet of the Superiors)

Sissy is happy to report that of investigation of the three most popular (and cheaper) forms of hair removal. In the past four weeks, this sissy has shaved, applied Nair, and was waxed. Sissy has found new appreciation to the work and sometimes strength that comes with being beautiful. Each has their perks in this sissy’s eyes. Each also have their drawbacks. None are a permanent solution to the removal of that ghastly hair.

The first on the list was shaving. Sissy drew a hot bubble bath with favorite scent lavender and lit some candles. She sat there soaking, listening to Ella Fitzgerald and massaging legs to soften up the hair. Sissy bought a pack of triple blade razors (pink) and had them laying on the edge of the tub, awaiting use. Sissy recommends the triple blades as the hair doesn’t clog up as badly. Slowly and softly, sissy glided the razor across her feet and toes. Shaken after each stoke, she continues until each foot is smooth. Sissy then proceeds to shave her left leg, shaving each side of the calf. Slowly, Sissy takes time shaving her knee. S.he notices that the hair grows every which way and because of the different angles and bumps, sissy doesn’t want to cut h.erself. Sissy then proceeds to shave her right calf and knee, taking just as much care. I proceed to shave thighs next. The crotch area took the most time. Most of the pubis was easily removed but the coin purse took some care and a steady hand. The chest and armpits were next and sissy changed razors. Pros: Sissy felt so girly throughout the experience. Sissy was able to explore body and its contours. Cons: Cleanup! Sissy left a hairy tub. It looked like a stressed out Wookie took a bath in there. Sissy had to shave again two days later. Time. Allow plenty for the first time. It goes quicker the more often you shave.

Next, sissy tried waxing. It was less romantic…less intimate. If you are a pain slut, like sissy, you will enjoy it. Depending on the amount of hair will determine the time. Pros: it lasts longer, about two weeks to a month. So smooth. Cons: a little expensive. Pain.

Finally, Sissy used Nair. It can be quite messy. It can cause chemical burns. It doesn’t last as long as a waxing but longer than shaving. It is also cheaper than waxing. Do not go past 15 minutes with the cream. and avoid the sensitive areas(Nipples). Overall, it took sissy about 25 minutes to remove all body hair. S.he left it on a little longer than s.he should. It left skin hypersensitive from the chemical burns, which Goddess took full advantage. Pros: Quick. Less expensive than waxing. Silky smooth skin. Cons: It burns. So messy! It stinks!

Overall, sissy enjoys shaving the most. It is so feminine and intimate. Next, sissy enjoys the cream. Mostly because sissy leaves it on a little longer and sissy enjoyed the pain that lingered for a few days. Each movement reminds of being feminine. Waxing is OK. Sissy enjoyed the spa experience but the waxing seem cold and lack intimacy.

Sissy learned how much time and effort it takes to be beautiful. S.he understands what it takes to keep oneself beautiful. Sissy is willing to explore other options eventually like Laser and electrolysis.


  1. tonya

    sissy tonya has tried these options as well and over time it has been learned that bubble bath and razor is the preferred option. Using Nair this sissy did not do well with the product did not do well with her body, using Veet worked much better it had been learned the hard way that the product needs to be removed in the specified time. For sissy tonya, it is razor in bubble bath, there is a need to clean after but if it is done regularly normally it is not that bad. Nothing more than the preference of this sissy, there is no right or wrong answer. The pros and cons were loved by this sissy as well.

  2. Madame Stewart

    So happy that you learned empirically, that short cuts are not always the best option. There’s a soothing comfort of a nice bubble bath, and softening the skin and hair follicles makes a huge difference in keeping sissy smooth.

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