Shaving Legs
jillie | 05.16.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This slut has a confession go make. She has never had any hair on her legs and very little on my body at all. She recalls being in a hospital ER and the Nurse helping her remarked that s.he did not have any hair on her arm. Jillie was very sick but she was embarrassed non the less. She was in the ER at another time and the Nurses kept rubbing her legs saying that they were searching for bruises. Jillie finally figured out what they were doing. All of this has been very shameful for this slut but she is learning to realize that it may be an advantage. She probably will not have to use a hair remover unless she finds a Superior who insists on it. This slut looks forward to putting on her first pair of sheer stockings. She has never had this experience in her life and she hears that it is quite a turn on. So jillie guesses she will have to miss out on one of the premier attributes of being girlish. Jillie actually feels shamed right now telling this to her Sisters who do get to shave. This topic has been a big part of my life as a sissy in the making and she is not totally at ease with her silky legs. She hopes her sisters understand.



  1. That is a great advantage that you have, and the story of the nurses sneaking feels of your nearly hairless legs was pretty thrilling. Hose feel so amazing on totally smooth legs 🙂

  2. Apparently it is your inherent lack of testosterone. Those nurses knew it then honey. But, you did a typical mistake that I am happy to correct you on. You skimmed the article, figured out how to “win”, and didn’t do the Assignment. A typical “manly” attempt that must be removed from your psyche. What about the bath? What about following our instructions instead of dismissal? And lastly, it’s your Superiors you do the Assignments for. Don’t worry about your sisters accolades – it will only cause you troubles looking for approval.

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