Maid Service

sissies demonstration of Servitude

sissy_ally | 10.11.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

In her daily life sissy always yields to and is courteous to all females that she encounters. Things like holding doors, assisting shoppers or giving up seats is just a natural behavior to sissy. In her personal life sissy works to keep her Dominant happy and more comfortable. Sissy is always working on laundry, dishes, cooking amazing meals, and shopping for some of her Dominants favorite things. Sissy likes to regularly bring her Dominant flowers to show how much she appreciates the sunlight that her Dominant brings to her daily life. One thing this sissy never does is beg to released from her chastity as she thinks she should be locked for whatever period her Dominant desires. This sissy counts herself lucky because her Dominant keeps her panty drawer full so there is never an excuse to use an undergarment of her own choosing. She always finds her daily undergarments left out for her on the dressing table. It is sissies pleasure to always be wearing what her dominant thinks suits the day. Sissy is just happy in general doing, providing or working for her dominant in whatever manner has been chosen. She is a servant at heart.


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