tucked tiffy
tiffydoll | 06.03.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This was an assignment that tiffy wishes this sissy could have read when first trying panties on as a teenager. It would have saved a lot of trial and error. There was no Sissies High School to attend or a Tuck University to further this sissy’s education. Tiffy would have loved a sweatshirt that said, “TUCK U”. Tiffy thinks there is nothing as unsightly as an ugly bulge in satin panties or a tight fitting skirt, and if tiffy saw a sissy with a bulge like that, this sissy would feel compelled to tell her to “go tuck yourself”.

As instructed in this assignment, it is extremely important for the clitty to be pulled very tightly back, and the clitty, to be tucked, should never be referred to as a penis or a cock. Besides, calling another sissy a “cocktucker” sounds rude.

After years of tucking, tiffy loves the feeling of sliding her “descended ovaries” back into place and pulling this sissy’s clitty back into its proper place while pulling on a tight-fitting pair of panties. If tiffy’s slutty outfits are too tight and showing a bulge is worrisome, then this sissy will wear a gaff as this assignment recommends.

The important thing is to be tucked really well. All sissies need a good tuck, and personally this sissy likes to be tucked daily. While tiffy is not as young as she once was, this old tucker still loves to be tucked, and does not think that she will ever be too old to tuck or be tucked. – giggles

tiffy respectfully thanks the House Superiors for another great training assignment.


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