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sissy amber green’s Zen of Servitude

ambergreen | 06.24.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors,

sissy amber has read through the material in The Zen of Servitude Assignment. she has begun wearing panties on a permanent basis. she understands that they not only remind her of what she is but what she must always strive to be, to correct her posture and adjust the way she is walking, and sitting and presenting herself. They remind her to keep pushing the envelope, to strive to be a better sissy every minuet of every day until these mannerisms’ are hardwired to her sissy brain and she dosent have to think about it, she just does it out of compulsion. A sissy can never be the best she can be until she learns to understand the needs and the subtle emotions of a Woman, to anticipate her want and needs, to make her desires come true and make her as happy and content as possible. These are the core fundamentals of becoming a sissy, without focus and discipline we are nothing but faux sissies, wantabees and just pathetic.

Thank you for your time
sissy amber


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