Serve your Superior!
bonnie896 | 08.12.2017 | Uncategorized

*curtsy* Dear House Staff:

This sissy works in a demanding profession, and s.he realizes that it is important to do whatever s.he can do to allow the Superior Women in the office to enjoy themselves. Therefore, in addition to doing her own work, this sissy visits the Women in the office (walking down the hall in a feminine way, as directed by this assignment) and always asks them what s.he can do to lighten their loads and make their days easier. This may be additional paperwork, or sometimes is simply listening without interruption. This sissy does not mind that this adds extra work to her day; this sissy is simply accepting the truth about who s.he is. This encourages this sissy to find new ways every day to make the Women of the office feel appreciated (as they always should feel like that – if they don’t, this sissy has failed).

This sissy tries to be passive and not aggressive – she allows other people to claim the spotlight, as sissy is happiest when s.he is playing a support role.

Also, this sissy (rightfully) downplayed her accomplishments to her work Superiors, instead giving the credit to the Dominant Women of the office. Sissy knows that it is not only OK for the Women of the office to surpass her, it is a beautiful thing that they do so. Nothing could make sissy happier than knowing that she helped Women get the recognition, power, and pay they truly deserve.

Basically, this sissy knows that it is proper for her to help Women while expecting nothing in return. To the extent that Women see fit to give something in return, this sissy accepts, but demurely.

This sissy compliments Women, but does her best to show that she realizes Dominant Women don’t need compliments. Unlike sissies, Dominant Women are self-confident and don’t need (or really even want) a sissy’s validation. So this sissy tries to support Women as quietly as possible.

This sissy realizes that this was not an exciting story, but it seems that showing servitude is largely the small gestures made day to day. One big gesture does not make a good sissy.

Thank you. *curtsy*


  1. Honey, these are no small gestures. This is the ultimate service you can provide to all the Women in your life. Being quite about the service, and not asking for anything for it is the goal of this training!

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