sissygirlrobyn | 05.09.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

This sissy is working on how to express her sissy side in secret. She’s bought an extensive collection of cute little panties, many with bows and lace and this sissy loves them a lot. She is only wearing panties now, every day choosing out a cute pair to wear under her male clothes. On some occasions when this sissy is feeling particularly girly and adventurous she will wear a bra under her disgusting boy clothes as well.

She is always sitting when going to the toilet as she knows that a sissy girl like her should never give off any impression that she is any kind of man. This sissy is learning to tuck and feels that she is doing well in making sure there is no unsightly bulge in her cute panties. This sissy is spending more and more time with female friends in order to observe and learn the correct way to be a woman. She’s gone shopping with them a couple times to observe their shopping habits and the correct way to act as a girl when shopping in public as well as learning about the latest fashions through their choices in store!

Overall, this secret sissy has been indulging her feminine side as much as possible.


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