Sissy is Ready for Mistress

jennac | 07.03.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Good Afternoon Mistresses and House Staff.

Sissy jenna has long practiced preperation’s for this assignment. S.he purchased a shower enema system which is a fairly good replica of a Man’s Phallus, s.he also purchased a beginners pack of 3 butt plugs for all day training, and finally a decent sized 8″ suction cup dildo with scrotum dangling beneath the shaft.

Sissy jenna took to using lube at first to assist in opening he.r outer sissy pussy entrance. The first thing s.he did was to practice with the smallest of the available plugs, unfortunately for this sissy it was too small and refused to stay in place, which produced mixed feelings.

After he.r failure there s.he moved on to the enema system while still lubed. The fullness of the water filling he.r sissy pussy was immeasurably pleasurable! The cleansing took in total more than an hour to ensure no residue was left to ruin sissies planned night.

Once fully cleansed jenna then took he.r suction cup dildo and proceeded to initially apply the lube to the head and shaft of the large real feel phallus, as well as the outer and inner edges of he.r sissy cunt. All of this prep was done first in the shower in case of any leftovers managed to hide the initial cleansing.

With slow deliberate actions and many pauses for getting use to the feeling and sensations sissy jenna finally reached he.r limit, or more correctly s.he based herself all the way down the shaft leaving the fake scrotum tight against he.r parraneum or taint. s.he rested like that for a short while getting use to the length and girth of he.r partner. When s.he was finally ready s.he slowly rode her partner.

Eventually jenna grew addicted to it and began to thrust back and forth hard and fast to simulate a hearty pounding by a Mistress or Master taking this sissy slut to town and fucking away the last vestiges of he.r masculinity.

This became sissy jenna’s average weekend routine. That is until last month when an ingrown hair became abscessed, and sissy jenna was forced to seek medical treatment. sissy jenna then took an extra week from her routine to ensure proper healing in the area. However she is glad to report that last week she began to retrain. Unfortunately she had long ago ran out of lube and after he.r medical treatment s.he has lost the ability to dry dog he.r fake partner due to size.



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