A sissy serves her Superior

Sissy learning to serve

sissymelinda | 06.26.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

sissy melinda is new to her training and very excited to submit her first assignment!

Because sissy is still in the closet she is starting with learning to quietly be a better servant through cooking, cleaning and giving a nice proper massage. Scrubbing the house in a cute little maids outfit makes the process much more enjoyable, and really paying attention to the fine details of cooking and cleaning. The biggest challenge sissy melinda has faced in this beginning process is to not expect a “reward” for her good behavior as she would in the past.

At first it was frustrating, but after a couple weeks sissy is finding her reward is found in making a nice cooked meal and keeping the house neat and tidy! 🙂 The mandatory panties have been a huge part of this transformation, a constant reminder of sissy melinda’s place in society and how she has a LOT of work to do to become the sissy she dreams of and maybe one day earn the right to serve a Mistress. The sissy walk went from being practiced every night to now being a regular walking pattern, and it feels amazing. Every day things are starting to feel more normal, and sissy melinda is proud of her inital progress and looks forward to reporting on this topic again once more progress is made!


  1. Madame Stewart

    That’s very reflective to mention the “reward” that you would typically expect. The beauty of Servitude, is the reward is the service. Humility and service is perfect for focusing your pride towards honey. Be the best service oriented sissy you can be, and the Mistress will be impressed. Until then, offer your services to the House, and to the Divine Feminine.

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