sissycandym | 04.07.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

It has been a while since this sissy was active in the House. However, s.he is still following the Principles of the House with great care.

When s.he was first introduced to cocksucking, s.he found it disgusting, for both part. But as a sissy, s.he soon knew he.r fate was to kneel before men and open mouth.

he.r first experience was deceptive, as the cock s.he sucked was really, really big, but fortunately he.r Master understood how this dumb slut was, and He did not fuck he.r head too violently.

Last week, however, this sissy felt a very urgent need to get a cock inside he.r, and to complete a sexual Assignment from the House. s.he took her sexiest sissy clothes (black dress and pink heels, and a complete fishnet), then rushed to the nearest cheapest hotel.

There, after a few selfies, s.he started chatting on a chat, looking for someone. Finally, a few hours, later, s.he found Him. “I am a married man loodking for a faggot to suck My cock and swallow my cum”, He said.

30 minutes later He was at the hotel, naked on a bed, being sucked in darkness by this sissy. s.he loved it. His cock was big, yet s.he could still swallow it fully. s.he spat on it, moaning, hearing His groans of pleasure as He called he.r names.

Finally the sissy asked Him if He could light up the room. He accepted, only to receive intense eye contact by this sissy. He loved it so much that in the end, He took the sissy’s head to cum in he.r mouth. s.he kept the juice in he.r mouth, then swallowed, showing an empty mouth to Him.

As s.he moved on to put some lipstick back, he.r Master advised he.r He would leave. He told he.r: “you have my number, call Me whenever you are available”.

As s.he was alone, s.he felt incredibly good, as never a date was such a success. he.r passing was OK, s.he gave pleasure with he.r. mouth.

In the darkness of night, s.he came back home, disguising once again as a normal man. Happiness still shone in he.r heart.


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