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sissy michelle’s previous experience

subboy0000 | 04.27.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Dear Mistress,

This sissy has had previous cock sucking experience servicing two Masters before exploring her desire to become a girl. Both Masters required this slut to arrive plugged with her clitty caged and to strip at the door upon entering. Once nude she is to crawl to her Master waiting for her and beg to be allowed to service and suck his cock. Once given permission this girl is only allowed to use her mouth to pleasure her Master and that is required by both of them. Although neither Masters were above average size initially this sissy did need a guiding hand to help her take all of her Masters cock. It is a special feeling to know that you have taken and accepted all of your Master in your mouth and throat and a girl sees the pleased look on her Masters face as she looks up at him with his cock deep in her throat. This girl has learned that slow and steady movement pleases her man the most and adding some tongue swirl action helps get him excited. And always remember your Master is in charge. If he wants to push you down and hole his cock in you its important not to squirm or panic and submit to his desires to use a girl however he wishes. And when he is ready to give his seed to a girl it is important to keep sucking till he is finished. What this sissy really likes is when her Master is ready to cum and he pulls his girl down hard on his cock forcing him into her throat leaving no option for her to spill any of his precious seed. Feeling his cock pulse as stream after stream hits her throat before she feels it go down. Knowing that he has planted his seed and marked her as his cock sucking slut forever. Master took control and make the choice for His girl to swallow so she doesn’t need to bother thinking about when or how it will happen.

Needless to say this sissy slut has learned that she loves to suck cock and swallow her Masters seed like a good girl should. It is part of what has called her to become a girl for her Master.


sissy michelle


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