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sissy mysti masturbation 101

mystistarr | 05.24.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy has what she feels is a good understanding of this act. This sissy will be the first to tell you all that s.he had a problem with this. Like my young boys this sissy would please herself by touching her over sized clitty at least once a day. Some days this sissy would perform this very manly act more than once a day. In addition this sissy is ashamed to admit s.he had a serious problem with just touching he.r clitty. When s.he wasn’t masturbating s.he was touching or holding. This disgusting act and behavior was noticed by sissys beautiful Wife. This was some five years ago. Wife decided that if she was not using sissy clitty than nobody should be. This sissy’s Wife brought sissy to a piercing place and instructed sissy to remove clothes so sissy could get a PA piercing. Both the sissy and the Man doing the piercing were promptly told that Wife wanted this piercing for two reasons. First as a constant reminder that sissys clitty belong to Her and not sissy. Second was so She could feel something inside her when she felt like using it. This was both extremely erotic as well as humiliating for sissy. It took about one month for the piercing to heal. Once it was healed sissy was instructed to go to the post office and pick up a package for he.r wife. The package was a cb6000s chastity device. Wife promptly made sissy strip and shower so the cage could be put on. Like any Man sissy resisted and tried to convince Wife that such a device was not needed. Wife would have no part of it. Wife instructed sissy s.he will be in chastity until further notice and sissy should get used to it. It felt strange having such a weight and tightness around such a private and personal part of ones body. The first week or two had its ups and downs..well more downs than ups as the device caused pain whenever ups were attempted. Sleeping was difficult as the pain of a denied erection would wake sissy. No matter what sissy did s.he could not relieve te pain or even touch he.r clitty. Then the changes began. Yes I do mean changes. Psychological changes. Things like how this sissy looked at women changed. How this sissy treated he.r Superior Wife changed. No longer did sissy look at every woman as a sex object to be used. Now this sissy absolutely adores Women and treats them as Superior brings to be worshiped and treasured. This was five years ago. The first time sissy was caged lasted three months. The longest sissy has worn he.r cage is six months. It did not take long for sissy to realize exactly how often s.he would just touch he.rself. Over the years sissy has learned that masturbation is not within he.r control. Since the birth of mysti this sissy has taken that control to the next step. Now sissy only has interest from receiving any relief via anal stimulation, unless a Superior instructs differently. On a further note this sissy is now of the mindset that all men should be caged on the day after their wedding to their Wife’s. This would eliminate so many issues that are the cause for problems or even ending of marriages. As of today this sissy has not had any release for three months, other than from milking.



  1. margeaux

    Great report and full of amazing humiliation! So happy your Mistress took such amazing control of you. Glad you accept the need for all to be caged. It is such an amazing feeling 🙂

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