A sissy new to Cocksucking

katielynne | 10.17.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This girl is still very new to sucking cock. One of the Men did not give her many instructions, but she did her best, using what she learned by practicing on her dildo. she sucked it quickly, slowly, and sometimes used her hands. He told her that she was doing a very good job, and she loved looking at His Cock and the feel of it in her mouth.

she has recently started seeing a Man that has been giving her instructions, and teaching her how to deep throat His Cock. she has gagged and coughed, but He said that it was alright, and that she could keep on sucking. Over and over she kept pulling His Cock and His balls into her mouth, smelling the lovely musk and sweat, feeling the hairs pass into her mouth, and tasting His precum when He began to get close to cumming. she loves the feel of the head of His Cock sliding past her lips, running her tongue along the underside of the shaft, and rolling her tongue over and around the head. He makes her beg for His Cock, asking and pleading to be allowed to take His Cock into her sissy mouth. she has been allowed to swallow His cum twice now. The first time she swallowed very quickly, but the second time she was able to hold it in her mouth and roll it around on her tongue, feeling it slide around. she did not ask if she was allowed to swallow His cum though, but He has said that He enjoyed feeding it to her. she will have to ask Him next time, and make sure that she does it right. Right after swallowing all of His cum, she sucked on His Cock some more to make sure that it was nice and clean, and so that she could taste every last drop that she could, and kept on sucking right up until He said that He was done with her. It feels so good to please a Man and suck on His Cock.


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