sissy trip
sarah-michelle | 07.22.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

sissy sara michelle has read the training assignment material on ‘spring from head to toe’ and although it is winter where sarah is located, the day today reminded me of Spring. It is a time she favours, with the trees reviving their beautiful green colour, the buds opening to reveal the beautiful flowers and most importantly, the Ladies out in their colourful dresses and skirts. Reading the article made sarah long to be able to go out in a beautiful dress and enjoy the sunny day.

Not having ventured out as sarah for many years, the thought was scary, but it was so powerful an emotion that sarah just wanted to don her best dress and go out. So she did. She even was able to get enough courage to stop at a gas station, refuel her car and walk in amongst the other customers. The only thing missing was the hat and gloves. She kept thinking of the readings from the training assignment and in what she thought was a ladylike walk back to the car, imagined she was back in the days when ladies wore those finer feminine garments. Thanks to you in providing this sissy the desire to again venture out into the real world. The pic is of sissy sarah after she had returned from her wonderful trip.


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