White Heels and Ass
vickie58 | 10.08.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This was a first for sissy (shaving everywhere). sissy was always afraid someone would notice and ask quest questions she did not want to answer. sissies fem self took over, she ran the hot bath as instructed and took her time being very careful not to miss a spot. It feels so wonderful and girly, she will be very persistant in her training from now on, Thank you so much, it feels so right and sissy wants to please be led down the path of full feminization and servitude to her Superiors.


  1. Aw [hugs] this sissy also gets a bit of fear of people noticing the lack of hair but it seems like most people don’t care to comment {giggle]. Sometimes we worry too much about how other people think of us. That may be a bit of our own ego trying to assert to us the world revolves around us. But this is just some mumbo-jumbo from this sissy’s mouth so pay it as much heed as you wanna sweetie 🙂

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