tiffydoll | 05.27.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This is one assignment that tiffy does on a daily basis. This sissy can’t stand having hair anywhere except on her head, eyebrows, and a small “landing strip” above her clitty. This sissy loves the ritual of shaving her legs. It is so soothing to slide into a hot, fragrant bubble bath. Tiffy just adores bubbles! They tickle and this sissy giggles just getting into the tub. This House assignment reminded tiffy that she should wait at least 10 minutes to soak to soften the hairs and skin, which tiffy does every day now. For a lather, this sissy uses Olay, a ultra hydratant and ultra moisturizing soap to create a creamy lather for tffy’s Gillette razor designed of shaving ladies’ legs. Tiffy loves seeing her painted toes point to the ceiling while carefully shaving from ankles to top of thighs, re-lathering often to get a smooth shave. The only chore is getting a really smooth shave on the back of this sissy’s upper thighs and between the cheeks – but it makes tiffy feel so submissive and girly to be very smooth there. Mistress would be very upset if She found any stubble there.

The only other place tiffy uses a razor is on her arm pits and arms. Because tiffy wants to have a smooth back and cannot shave there, Mistress bought tiffy a special electric razor designed to shave hair from the back. It can be done similarly to using a back scrub brush. It is hard to describe, so this sissy has attached a photo showing tiffy’s hair removal thingies. To please a previous Owner years ago, tiffy started plucking all hairs from torso and genital area with eye brow tweezers. OMG! The first time it was so painful, but over the years it has become nearly painless. Also, an additional benefit is that hardly any hair now grows on tiffy’s torso due to all the years of pucking. Plucking is very time-consuming but tiffy’s chest/breast area, stomach, clitty area, and crotch is sooooooo smooth that the effort is really worth it and Mistress loves tiffy’s smooth girly skin. And, after all, it’s all about pleasing Mistress.


  1. Those are some sexy legs tiffydoll! I think the plucking is an excellent technique, albeit a little painful for many of the girls. And that back razor? What a device that many girls will be excited about finding. Great report doll.

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