Shaving Legs

A sissy shaving start…

sissygurlk8 | 07.15.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy humbly submits the progress she has made towards achieving her sissy shaving assignment. This sissy can’t fully shave because of her significant other, but this sissy has completely denuded her bikini area for her Mistresses enjoyment, as well as her own sissy satisfaction. This sissy is neatly trimming her under arm hair and little chest hair. This sissy has waxed the ugly hair from her sissy hands and feet. This sissy has thoroughly waxed and shaved all hair from her pubic area: from her sissy mound above her tiny sissy clitty, from her useless sissy sac, and of course from her tiny, soft, embarrassing sissy-clit. This sissy has used Nair depilatory cream on her sissy ass, leaving it smooth as well.

This knows that she should complete her sissy hair removal, but just can’t go all the way, or she risks affecting her other life. This sissies significant other would not approve of a fully shaved sissy. In fact, this sissy’s significant other doesn’t know about her current denuded condition since this sissy and her S.O. are rarely ever intimate.


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