Sissy Survey – What type of sissy will I be?

sissygurlk8 | 06.14.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

Good morning Mistresses, this sissy took the Sissy Survey to see what type of sissy she is; well, actually this sissy too the survey twice. This sissy is humbled to say that she passed the test as a sissy maid and then as a sissy slave. This sissy realizes that she only exists to serve Women and maid duties are one of the best ways that she can serve her Mistresses. This sissy will continue on with her training in the interest of improving the quality of her maid duties and her servitude.

This sissy feels lucky to also be a considered a sissy slave. This sissy knows that she was meant to be at the feet of the Women she must serve and someday at the feet of the males she must learn to please with her sissy mouth. This sissy is never confused about the superiority of the Women around her and the Mistresses she serves, but she also knows that her mouth was made to receive cocks of deserving men.

Thank you for receiving this sissies report of her Sissy Survey results.
Thank you for welcoming this sissy into the House of Sissify.

With love and devotion – sissy kate


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