nikki57 | 05.16.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has to report her attempts at Sissy Walk training. This sissy purchased an open bottom girdle in pink with black lace front panel, this is a long line girdle and fits mid thigh on this sissy. It has 6 suspender attachments for stockings, to complete this sissys dressing for the walk assignment, this sissy tucked with a tight gaff and then overlaid with lace brazilian panties, pink underbust corset, pink bralett, black stockings and long blonde wig. This sissy attached the stockings while in corset, this was very difficult and made this sissy act and feel very fem.

This sissy then practiced the sissy walk in front of a mirror, this sissy felt the swish of stockings rubbing together, this sissys legs tight to the knees, this gave this sissy an overwhelming feeling of femininity.
This sissy then tried with pink 5 inch heels, this sissy felt even more feminine with heels although many books were dropped in a short time. This sissy has not yet completed this Assignment to the required standard and needs much more practise.

yours in servitude

nikki (curtsey)


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