Sissify System of Safer Cocksucking
subboy0000 | 10.13.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy is happy to report that s.he has begun the first of many lessons in the art of Fellatio. This girls Master wanted His girl to learn how to properly serve a man and was instructed to find a man who would be willing to teach this girl how to please Real Men. As instructed, sissy found a respectable individual and met him for coffee to discuss he.r service for Him. After working to arrange a suitable time that was preferable for sissy’s new trainer, a time was set for an initial review and evaluation of sissy’s abilities. This girl was instructed to be naked, plugged, her clitty caged and kneeling in her living room to wait till he.r new Trainer arrived.

This sissy prepared by making sure to be freshly showered and smelling pretty for he.r new trainer and to have sissy’s teeth brushed and fresh before accepting a nice warm Man in sissy’s mouth. When this girls trainer arrived He approached he.r and dropped His shorts revealing his manhood to sissy. As is proper, sissy asked for permission to begin pleasuring he.r new trainer/Master. He simply grabbed this girls head in one hand and lifted his cock and pulled sissy to it. This girl instinctively opened her mouth and accepted he.r trainers cock deep into sissy mouth. sissy’s trainer had a musky, manly smell to Him which this girl soon got used to. Sissy made sure to pay special attention to the underside of he.r trainers cock. Twirling he.r tongue over the sweet spot as sissy settled into a steady rhythm, taking Him deep with slow steady strokes. Occasionally sissy would take he.r trainer Master deep into her throat. Pushing past sissy’s gag reflex and trying to lick his balls with the tip of sissy’s tongue as sissy took Him into he.r throat. This did please sissy’s trainer as sissy heard Him moan with pleasure each time this was done. sissy’s new Master informed he.r that s.he should pace he.rself as he usually lasted quite some time. he.r Master was not lying to this girl as he.r service lasted for over 30 minutes of dedicated worship of he.r Masters cock. This girl realized that Master is able to control himself and would only reward His sissy when He was ready. Soon this girl was informed that he.r Master was going to cum. As His hand was guiding sissy deep onto Masters cock, sissy felt his manhood spasm and reward this girl with Masters semen to swallow, which this girl eagerly did. As Masters hand guided sissy off His cock she made sure to clean Him properly like a good girl should. This sissy was then informed that there would be weekly sessions until sissy became proficient at pleasing a real Man.

This sissy can hardly wait till her next lesson.


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  1. [hugs] 30 minutes is a long time. When this sissy sucked her first few her times were kind of long, too. Hopefully that’s what the Master/trainer expects, or at least with some practice you can get that time down.

    1. Madame Stewart is right as Mistress always is. I love you Mistress. A true cocksucker should be able to make their Man cum within minutes. If you are being sensual longer but if you are being used by a man, your cocksucking birth power can, and needs to be unleashed and make him cum in a minute. I have done this Madame Stewart and I am proud. One day I want to compete in a cocksucking category in the olympics. I can suck better then any other girl in the world.

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