postures of obedience
trisha-kobichenko | 09.29.2017 | Uncategorized

As this sissy slut performs each of these positions s.he focuses deep inside to experience how expressing subservience by her body position influences deepest feelings.

Kneeling—enhances sissy’s attention to superior, and focuses attention on commands to be executed.
Kneeling Up—sissy’s attention is now focused on Superior, at attention to receive any request to serve.
Present Kneeling—sissy feels deliciously exposed to Superior’s gaze, hoping appearance and posture are acceptable.
Standing—sissy respectfully awaits Superior’s attention or command
Present Standing—even more exposed than while kneeling, sissy knows that all of assets are on display, and s.he is being judged as adequate or pathetic.
Kneel Worship—face on the floor, hands behind back, sissy is consumed by worship for Superior.
Worship Up—now sissy is in the perfect position to worship Superior’s divine private ports, or be punished as desired by Superior.
Kneel Elbows—knees spread wide, sissy’s pussy is presented for use by Superior or anyone Superior wishes to use
Kneel Cheek—sissy is even more vulnerable, loving the feeling, hoping for play or punishment, and will love whichever Superior decides.


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