A Smooth Body is a Constant Turnon!

annabelx | 05.07.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

I started shaving my body before I joined the House. It is not only exciting when you shave your body, but it creates such a feeling of submission, and we haven’t even gotten to the excitement of running a hand down this sissy’s thigh to feel how smooth it is.

I let most of my hair grow back for a time, then shaved it off again shortly before the slut joined the House. The sissy started reading the training exercise on shaving after she had shaved herself a couple of times. She discovered that following the rules laid out increases the pleasure at least twice.

That the House has the power to force me into behavior from afar gives me a strong feeling of submission. I did note that it is recommended to have Mistress approve the job but I’m not sure how to do that as the House has my only Mistresses.

Also, I had already shaved my pubic hair off before I read the part about leaving a triangle. I’m definitely going to have to correct that. Would it be disobeying the rules to leave a heart just above my clit and dye it pink?

This sissy’s shaved chest really arouses her. She’s had to get some sun in a bikini to accent her man boobs.

This slut had to contort herself quite a bit to shave her ass properly. Got it done, but this has to be much easier for youngsters. The feel of a smooth ass is really special so the contortion required just adds to the fun.


  1. Madame Stewart

    I like the pink heart honey! And those tan lines! Congratulations on your princess badge and making it to sissy slave. I see that was done by your participation and friendship with so many girls at the House – and that’s adorable.

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