Smooth sissy body

snorth | 08.27.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has been practising shaving her body and has found the experience thrilling, although she has found shaving her behind difficult as she can not see where the razor blade is. This sissy has learnt to be careful so to avoid nicks from the razor blade. This is sissy loves how smooth her legs feel straight after shaving especially when the skirt of a dress brushes against them. This sissy has noticed that she does feel colder with no body hair, but knows that she feels far more pretty without it.


  1. bobbieray

    This sissy has been blessed that her legs don’t grow hair, maybe once in a while a hair or two to pluck, my chest and arm hair are light hair to peach fuzz and has always been easy to mataine the two places sissy works harder on is her bush and her face. if I let the bush grow its harder to cut. them of course theres the face. to matinee a smoother face sissy must shave twice a day. guess that makes up for not shaving my legs.
    thank you for allowing me to share.
    sissy slut bobbieray

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