Smooth Ritual

sissy_ally | 10.24.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has been shaving for quite some time now. Her Mistress told her she didn’t like to see a sissy with any body hair and to keep her body smooth at all times. That was about a year ago. Now sissy loves her ritual of getting in the tub every other night. She lights a candle and puts on some soft music. The water is warm and the scent of the candle really takes this sissy to a special feminine place. This sissy likes to soak a while, then starting at her ankles works her way up to waist. Going slow and steady to make sure no nicks are made to her alabaster skin. This sissy is luck that her upper torso is hair free and her arms have very fine blonde hair which doesn’t need removal. So next she moves on to her arm pits getting them all smooth. Sometimes this sissy has to work around her chastity device, other times Mistress removes it for shaving. When finished in the bath sissy likes to pat herself dry before applying liberal amounts of lotion. This sissy applies the lotion whether coming out of the shower or from shaving. Being smooth has become second nature. This sissy just loves how her stockings or night gowns feel against the freshly shaved and lotion skin.


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