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sissy-shi | 11.02.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Mistresses,

sissy shi had shaved her body already before this Assignment, but did it today again with applying all the steps which were defined by the House. And it worked much better, also because the feeling somebody is controlling it was very present. So sissy was proud when done as if the Superiors of the House were watching and checking her.

This time sissy put a small mirror at the wall and sat in front of it at the floor, legs up, that’s what we sissies should very used to do, hehe. But this time it was just the razor who touched sissy’s pussy and the area around, and it was really easy to shave around sissy’s pussy. But sissy shi felt so sissy-like in this position. Guess sissy will like it now to shave around sissy’s pussy in future. Also very careful shaving at the sissy clit, afterwards baby oil onto the whole body, later a lady’s moisturizer.

Thank you dear Mistresses, sissy thinks it’s not just education, it’s also healthy to care on the body this way.



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