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secretly_molly | 10.01.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

First off, as many of you know this sissy had a wife but when i told her about my fetishes and how i feel like i should have been a girl she decided i wasn’t dominant enough for Her and had since left me. However i have found a good friend who supports my sissy needs and attitude and have been trying to move on from my ex . I have found a man who is interested in me and wants to meet…so I guess the moral is even if it don’t work out with your current lover/gf/bf or who ever you will find people who care…… I hope this counts and helps someone


  1. margeaux

    Thanks for sharing how coming out as the true person you are has affecting you. It is always rough when people you have emotionally invested in reject you for your desires [hugs]

  2. ashlyn

    Wow! This one really hits home. This aspiring transgender has a wife and kids and the overwhelming feeling of being trapped is suffocating to say the least. So happy that you’ve gained self acceptance and have been able to move on. It definitely takes a very strong individual! Important to remember that self love and acceptance is the most important of all. Stay strong! You are definitely an inspiration.

    Love and light,

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