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Springtime for Erica

ericachristine | 09.08.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy selected this Assignment as he.r next assignment. The purchasing of a dress, gloves, hat, and maryjanes would take some planning, as this sissy was not going to simply buy them online. Sh.e figured it would take a visit to at least two stores, and possibly four, to obtain all of the items. The first stop was at Kohl’s where this sissy enjoyed browsing the dress and hat selection. There were no shoes in he.r size, so that was out, and Kohl’s did not appear to carry any gloves. The dress selected was a red and orange block pattern dress with three-quarter length sleeves and a hemline at mid-thigh. This sissy was thrilled to find it in he.r size. Even though s.he was looking for a flower patterned dress (it is spring, after all), the only available flowery dresses at this time of season were too small for he.r. The next choice was a hat. There were a limited selection, but this sissy ended up selecting a round straw hat that looks very chic. While shopping, this sissy found nude thigh-high hose and bought a pair, as all of he.r current pairs have runs in them. Purchasing the items was exciting, but this sissy has a Superior Wife, so everyone assumes that the items are for Her, and this sissy does not get many questions.

The next stop to purchase shoes was at Target. There were no maryjanes available here, but they do carry this sissy’s size. A nice pink pair of flats goes well with the outfit. Here at Target, this sissy knows the manager, and had a bit of a startle when the manager rung he.r up. But, the manager said nothing, and this sissy held her tongue and got out of the store quickly. The final stop was at Party City, where this sissy picked up two sets of gloves–one white kid gloves and one white, fingerless lace gloves. While the kid gloves speak to 1960s elegance, the lace gloves speak to this sissy’s inner slut.

This sissy has enjoyed wearing the entire ensemble, especially getting used to moving around wearing a hat. The littlest amount of wind and this sissy must grab on, as the hat seems to have a mind of its own.

Thank you, Mistress, for the opportunity to complete this assignment.



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