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Subjugating oneself

sarasmile | 04.25.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dearest Superiors,

This sissy is submitting her first report. she is a little nervous, but trusts that her Superiors know best. In deference to Them, this sissy has donned her nicest pair of panties.

Your sissy is very tall, and has always struggled to live life with a light touch. In the interest of absorbing the Zen of Servitude, however, this sissy has made special efforts to alter her movements in her daily life, whether it is to intentionally try to not exceed the gait of others when walking alongside women smaller than her, or seeking ways in which to put their needs above hers.

This sissy is seeking new ways in which to seek inner peace and further connect with her femininity. Embracing the subjugation of her psyche will be a worthwhile journey.

This sissy is cursed with big feet, but was lucky enough to find a few pairs of heels that will fit her, and has been practicing grace in heels. Practice makes perfect, and this sissy is finally starting to adjust to her increased height – she even has stopped hitting her head on door frames!

The Zen of Servitude is something this sissy will return to regularly as she finds herself, but she is happy to make her progress known to her Superiors.

yours in service,


  1. Madame Stewart

    I can tell by your Report that you truly care about your own service and subjugation to Womanhood. Good girl! But don’t ever be worried about being too tall, too thin, too fat, too anything! As femininity comes from within, and all your girlish queues can be applied and felt by everyone around you regardless of your outer wrapper. Remember, RuPaul is 6’4 before she puts her heels on! And who can possibly say she isn’t feminine?

    1. sara

      Thank you, Mistress! This sissy is honored by Your encouragement. she visited the shoe store today in hopes of finding a taller pair of heels in which to practice and couldn’t find much of anything in a size seventeen, but the proprietor pointed her in a promising direction.


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