Lipsticks for Cocksucking

submissive anki learns something important

submissiveanki | 06.21.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy has never felt gay.S.he however has lately felt that it should be part of sissy life to also be able to submit to males in a satisfactory way.In order to get proper training sissy called an old school friend who is gay.Almost twenty five years had passed since sissy met school friend but the friend was delighted to hear that sissy,who had been extremely well behaved in school,had become a sissy in great need of training cocksucking.

He gladly agreed to educate sissy if sissy payed a generous tuition fee.

The whole day before sissy’s first cocksucking class s.he was wearing pink panties,two pairs extra small in order to be securely tucked.Under business suit sissy was also wearing a laced white bra without padding since sissy is so far only a closet sissy.With the risk of making a few of the colleges a bit puzzled sissy was also wearing stay up stockings.

Sissy left the office early in order to be certain not to be late. One block away from his friend’s address sissy filled the bra with C-sized silicon breasts.Sissy also put on a blond wig with shoulder long hair and put up the hair in a ponytail.

Sissy was very nervous when s.he rang the doorbell. The door was opened by a relatively handsome man with tight leather trousers and a slim fitting t-shirt.Since sissy is not gay,or at least never have thought s.he is,s.he was very surprised to find out that s.he found this man very attractive.

The man had a very demanding attitude and asked sissy why s.he was not wearing any makeup.Sissy felt very well about the authoritarian tone and submissively exscused herself.In a low voice s.he asked if s.he could borrow the bathroom sissy and showed master that she had her makeup bag with her.Fortyfive minutes later sissy had improved shaving painted toe and finger nails and finished makeup.S.he was only wearing stockings,panties,bra and high heeled shoes.

Master looked approvingly at sissy.Sissy blushed and locked down.Sissy was very happy to see that master’s trousers were by now very tight.

Master told sissy to unzip Master’s trousers and to kneel in from of Master who brought out his cock.
Master instructed sissy to start licking his balls and to lick his cock from behind all the way up to the tip.Sissy was very excited and felt very ashamed.After a while Master demanded sissy to open mouth and Master pushed his cock a long way down sissy’s throat and began fucking sissy.Sissy could not bread very well and tears came out of sissy’s eyes.Master pushed on and after a couple of minutes Master sighed and exploded.Sissy swallowed as much as s.he could but a fair amount of the load ended up over sissy’s face.Sissy had earlier only tasted own sperm found it interesting that Master’s sperm tasted differently.Sissy loved the taste.

Sissy had not come since miserable sissy cock had been firmly tucked but s.he worried that s.he in the future would suck cock more for own pleasure than for Master’s pleasure .Sissy realized that s.he needs a lot of training to subdue her own wishes and be sure to always only care about Mistress or Master.
Master told sissy that s.he could clean her face but that s.he was not allowed to take off the makeup or the wig and s.he was told that next time she came to class s.he must only wear female clothes and makeup should be perfect already when s.he arrives.

Master told sissy that he would in the future train sissy in anal sex and that for next class Master will punish sissy.


  1. jamie

    Interesting report, this sissy is new here and feels some trepidation reading this. Big steps such as that are grounds for congratulations in this sissys humble opinion.

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