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a submissive pet

katielynne | 05.25.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

sissy is like a submissive pet, but a pet that’s also a maid. sissy loves the act of cleaning, and the more sissy or feminine that sissy can look while doing so, the better.

sissy has been doing regular practice in being more submissive and feminine in her daily life. when sissy walks around, sissy glides with a sway to her hips, and tries to create as little sound as possible. a sissy should float through the room almost unseen, just a sissy blur as she slides past. that is of course until Mistress or Master calls to her attention. sissy can be *very* attentive.

sissy likes to fill sissy’s mind with sissy thoughts at all times. sissy will often call herself sissy in her mind when she talks to herself. sissy likes to think that the House is judging her movements and grading her performance when she moves about her house. sissy likes to think that the House is watching at all times.

sissy has put a Woman’s needs before her own today. sissy let others go for food at a barbecue. it was a very nice gathering, with wonderful people and delicious food. sissy also thought of what Mistress would have liked of her, and sissy cleaned up others’ plates after the meal. sissy also cleaned up the room as best she could before sissy left for the evening. sissy has most certainly done things to improve her sissy ways today, wearing her bright red lipstick and moving and dipping and swerving as gracefully as a gazelle. sissy needs more practice doing so while wearing high heels, but sissy is a patient sissy, and will keep on striving to please the House and be the best sissy that she can be. sissy can always use more practice, and more practice means more natural.

sissy is feeling good these days too. sissy has been feeling much more feminine. sissy would also like to mention a personal note, if sissy may. sissy has been on hormone therapy, and has grown to a natural a-cup! sissy can’t wait for her bottom surgery, but sissy has a cage to put her sissy clitty into for the time being.

sissy hopes the House is well, and sissy will continue to sissify herself every single day. sissy loves the direction that her life is taking, and sees herself massaging many Clients in creative and amazing ways.

sissy katielynne


  1. katielynne

    sissy katielynne has been sissifying herself more and more daily. sissy has now been carrying her purse in front of her when in public, and holding her items out in front of her. sissy loves the sissy lifestyle, and will be the best sissy that she can be for the House of Sissify for the rest of her life <3

  2. margeaux

    Great report about how The house is encouraging and opening change for you. It is so true it is like The House is always there, watching and appraising all the time. Keep the mindset going and you’ll always be motivated to be the best sissy you can be 🙂

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