Secret Sissy
jsmithcici | 10.02.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

sissy is openly submissive with Mistress. In fact We/we discuss Our/our respective roles quite often and Mistress is is a “take charge ” Person. She can be very firm and demanding in a polite way or She can be very demeaning. sissy is not always feminine around Mistress but sissy only owns panties and sissy is always totally submissive to Mistress. Mistress will sometime buy sissy lacy panties and She has toys such as dildos that She will use on sissy. The Family does not necessarily see sissy as submissive but, at the least, as the follower. sissy addresses Mistress with yes Ma’am and no Ma’am around the Family, so maybe sissy is fooling herself.

Outside the home sissy is a “secret sissy“. sissy’s job would not allow for her to be discovered. However sissy sits to pee, has learned rest room routines, tries to always walk properly, and is very kind and deferential to Women.

Mistress has a very polite way of giving sissy orders. Mistress will say, “would you please go get me a glass of water?” sissy knows it isn’t a request and always obeys. Mistress always says “thank you”. sissy always answers yes Ma’am. sissy is expected to do certain chores such as making the bed. If sissy leaves for work before Mistress wakes the bed is waiting for sissy when she gets home. sissy keeps the kitchen clean. sissy gets The Children up in the mornings and takes Them to school on the way to work.

sissy typically buys her panties online. Mistress recently told sissy that she is to go to an erotic store and purchase more strap ons, sexy panties with lace, and other erotic toys and clothes. Mistress said that She wanted more adventures with sissy. So sissy will be going shopping later this week.

So sissy is openly submissive at home, a subtle sissy to Mistress, and a “secret sissy” outside the home. sissy couldn’t be happier.


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