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vickyflint | 08.13.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

After joining the House of Sissify only a few days ago this sissy has had the chance to read some of the wonderful documents and lessons in this place of wonderful Female Domination.

This sissy has decided to start her training with a vengeance and as advised by The House and her new friend sissy terina, this sissy is going to start with;
The Zen of Servitude.

This sissy is currently without an active Mistress as her Superior is her wife who does not want to take part in vicky’s world. As a submissive it would be so wrong for this sissy to force herself on her Superior and as such vicky is now out of sight as far as her Superior is concerned. This sissy does feel that this is a sign of real submission and devotion to her Superior as Madame’s needs and desire must come before hers.

So this sissy has submitted to be under House Rule in the hopes that she can learn to become the perfect but invisible sissy maid and sex slut for her Superior without her Superior even realizing it’s happening.

This sissy would so love for her Superior to take full control of her life and use this sissy in absolutely any way she sees fit and annihilate the rest of her horrible masculine traits. In the past this sissy did experience a life style like this with her Superior and for about a year but it was apparent that her Superior was playing the part purely because she loves this sissy. Many D/s things occurred in that time but it could not continue and so vicky submissively slipped into the darkness once again.

Now vicky is very keen to learn the core qualities of what a perfect sissy must be.

While this sissy does believe that her mind is already conditioned to serve as its default setting, there are times when this sissy forgets who she really is.

Until recently and for around 4 years this sissy was being trained by the amazing Dr Dominic Cane. This was an on-line relationship that her Superior was totally unaware of, but due to distance (He is in Cananda and this sissy is in the UK) vicky never got the chance to meet with her teacher. In any case this could never have happened without Her Superiors knowledge.

Dr Dominic’s calm and loving but strict and demanding lessons, guidance and hypnotism have made this sissy what she is today and for that vicky feels a deep love for Dr Dominic. But in the end He found a local sissy who could attend to his needs in person and now He keeps her full timea at His home. He told vicky that it was not fair to keep her as well and this sissy totally understood. He let this sissy go about 3 months back which was so sad for us both and this sissy misses Him so much!

But then this sissy found her way to The House of Sissify and hopes to take all that she learned with her Master and enhance it with the help of her Superiors in The House and with the support of her new friends.

To that end this sissy has begun a regime of Servitude like never before.

It is this sissy’s intention to take on every aspect of house keeping and attend to Mistress’s every need without Her even relaising. It is this sissy’s to learn the perfect art of giving feminine pleasure with no though for her own silly needs and desires. While her pathetic little clitty will surely stain her panties while she serves her Mistress it will be ignored and left soft and useless encased in pretty pink satin.

vicky’s first step is to wear her heels everyday for as long as she is alone. S.he works from home and Mistress works away so this allows plenty of time for practice.
Perfecting her walk will allow her to demonstrate more visually her move to feminization and with luck her Mistress may be encouraged to take advantage much more.

This sissy hopes with all her heart that she can balance her sissy mind with her ‘normal’ persona without making her Mistress uncomfortable in any way

This sissy commits to do the following with total devotion to her Mistress

• learning to cook well
This sissy will prepare , cook and clean up every meal, every day and ask Mistress to help only to teach her, as Mistress is an amazing cook Herself. This sissy will not infringe on Mistress’s space when Mistress decides to lead but will take the role of sous chef and general cleaner. When this sissy does cook she will maintain a clean work area during and after the meal.

• keeping your Mistresses house in proper order
This sissy will take on all the cleaning requirements and monitor the clothes washing, drying and ironing to ensure that Mistress is never without any garment. This sissy will iron every item of clothing for her Mistress first and then attend to her own clothes so that she is pretty and presentable at all times.
Mistress likes to order the food so sissy will ensure that everything is put away when the shopping arrives and gently suggest things that may need replacing, especially items that Mistress likes.

• Cleanliness
This sissy will keep herself always clean and tidy and smelling pretty. This sissy will suggest that there is no need for Mistress to order special soaps shampoos and deodorants for her and that it would make a saving if sissy was allowed to use the same products as Mistress. This may well spark her suspicion that vicky is lurking close so this sissy will take care not to be forceful.

• giving your Mistress massage
This sissy will massage her Mistress everyday without her knowing that it is routed in servitude. With luck and with the right touch it will lead Mistress to using sissy’s face for her pleasure.

• learning to be a proper hostess for parties (dressed or not in your serving attire)
Mistress loves to entertain and so on these occasions this sissy will be a sous chef, maid and waitress and ensure all guests are served with loving care and attention. While sissy will have to eat with the guests she will be absolutely sure that she is serve herself last and that wherever possible she uses a smaller plate for herself. This sissy will not drink alcohol and will not have desert as these will not help her achieve the perfect sissy figure and it will show her submissive nature to anyone who is observant enough to see.

• becoming skilled at the fine art of cunnilingus and fellatio.
This sissy is so lucky because serving Mistress with her mouth and fingers is such a great pleasure. With help from Dr Dominic this sissy has managed to get Mistress used to rolling on top only when she is ready and completely smothering her sissy’s face. Knowing that this sissy can only breath when Mistress decides is a wonderfully humiliating and submissive feeling and being sure that sissy does not spill any or Mistress’s nectar is her greatest honour. If only sissy’s clitty would stay out of it! This action has become Mistresses favourite way to finish what is becoming an increasingly longer and more regular part of her sissy’s duties. Mistresses of the House I have to confess that this sissy also takes great pleasure from this activity and while s.he would never attempt to pleasure herself afterwards sometimes the temptation is just too great. If this sissy desrves punishment s.he completely understands. Please help this sissy to put aside her own feelings of pleasure so that she can learn to focus fully on her Mistress and take her to new orgasmic heights.

Keeping up appearances
This sissy will do everything she can to introduce subtle changes to her demeanor and will practice all postures while Mistress is away. Mistress likes to hold hands when we walk together and this sissy will attempt to always take the submissive position with the following hand. This sissy has tried this a few times and Mistress did not complain or try to change.

This sissy needs to work on her curtsy and so will curtsy when alone every time she needs to fetch something or visit the bathroom. This sissy promises to sit when using the bathroom every time no mater where she is.

Quality Replacements
In everything this sissy does from this day forth her watch words will become:
Passive – Emotional – Self effacing – Giving – Relient – Obedient – Soft – and Smooth.

Mandatory Panties
If there is one box this sissy can request her Superiors to tick it is mandatory panties. When vicky was last serving her Mistress overtly her Mistress confiscated all of vicky’s old horrible men’s underwear and replaced it with pretty pink and satin ones. Since vicky has become more covert she has purchased 10 pairs of black cotton full cut panties from a local supermarket. Mistress is still very aware that this sissy only wears girls panties but the subject is never addressed. On the few occasions that Mistress empties the dryer she folds sissy’s panties and puts them on sissy’s bed. Sissy promises not to ever wear horrible men’s pants ever again and will be sure to thank Mistress whenever she folds her panties but saying “Thank you for my panties Mistress”. Even if the last two words are said very quietly!
Sissy’s walking Kneeling and sitting will be practices exactly as outlines in the assignment and especially when dressed and in her highest heels.

This sissy is totally aware that her development can only come from discipline and that punishment is an integral part. As Mistress does not choose to be active in this respect this sissy can only offer her body as outlined before but would beg the Mistresses within the house to administer any punishments they see fit.
This sissy promised to provide photographic proof of compliance.

Women Studies
This sissy promised to respect every Woman she meets totally even if it is just by letting them go past on the road or holding doors open. This sissy will think more intently about how she can please Women in general and her Mistress in particular. Gifts and surprises and thinking ahead at all times so as to preempt any Woman’s needs in any moment.

One of Dr Dominic’s disciplines was to tease and torment my sissy nipples every night in bed before sleeping for a minimum of 10 minutes and to do the same when she awoke in the morning. This was so that sissy had either sore of at least very sensitive nipples at all times. This sissy will continue to do this but add a mantra:
1. Have i served a woman today?
2. Have i placed a Womans needs above my own this day?
3. Have i identified and done some act (no matter how small) that has further defined myself as the sissy servant i am?
This sissy respectfully offers this as her first report and begs Mistress for forgiveness for any spelling mistakes or errors.

Thank you Mistress for allowing this sissy to study under your watchful eyes.

Humbly and obediently

Your sissy slut,
vicky xxxx


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