tammy went shopping

sissytammyslut | 07.19.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

greetings House Superiors (curtsey)

Today this sissy went shopping . This slut left work early, then pulled into a rest area and parked away from any other cars. without getting out, tammy quickly took h er shoes off then pulled down h er boy boxers and pants. this slut sucked h er fingers then rubbed h er sissy pussy as s he licked and quickly sucked h er butt plug. tammy pushed h er plug and felt wonderfully slutty as the plug went in. tammy slid on a pair of pink crotchless panties and put the pants back on without the boxers. this slut then drove near the fetish store but stopped and parked again. this sissy wanted to read again what House recommended for the Assignment. tammy focused h herself on being a good House sissy. upon entering, tammy usually begins browsing. today this sissy saw the sales Girl and walked to Her. The Woman was very pretty and tammy had a moment of hesitation. but when asked if this slut need help, tammy replied yes i am looking for a skirt and matching top please. tammy was prepared and direct. the conversation occurred this way.we most only have short mini skirts and school girl skirts which are also very short. yes please. that is what i am looking for. these over here are dancers skirts and tiny. they barely cover anything. what do you think? i don’t think those will fit. because the outfit is meant for me. oh, I see. well how about a schoolgirl skirt? they are also very short but available in all sizes. tammy felt h er little clitty leaking as the Woman showed tammy the choices She put the skirt up to this sissy’s waist the skirt came with garter belts and the sales Woman said thigh highs should be worn for a better sexy look. then tammy asked Her which kind and She said you need shoes ? yes please and again the Woman picked out 4″ baby dolly in black patent leather. anything else? yes You sell lipstick? no, but we have lip gloss. it is clear but makes your lips seem fuller and sexy. what do you think? this slut quickly said yes.. the entire time in the store was about 15 – 20 minutes. tammy is amazed how efficient it all went. so now this sissy whore is happy as s he writes this plugged , pantied in h er new outfit and wearing h er first ever pair of high heels!!!
sincerely tammy


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