Serve your Superior!
sissytanja | 04.28.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiours,


this sissy wants to report that s.he has “completed” the Zen of Servitude Assignment (however s.he read and fully understands the intentions. s.he will of course continue her training).

This sissy is working hard

– to cook even better than before
– to keep Mistress’ house in proper order
– to keep the house clean in general
– to give Mistress’ massages she could enjoy
– to be a proper hostess for Mistress’ parties, of course dressed fully in her serving attire
– to become skilled at fellatio and cunnilingus

This sissy is wearing at least her panties and bra underneath the whole day so s.he is reminded all the day where her place in life is. s.he has practiced to curtsy and how to stand, sit, kneel and walk into her 5 inch-heels and of course is continuing this training whenever s.he has time to to do.

Also this sissy shows her deepest respect to any woman she mets for whatever reason. It is a good manner for a sissy to curtsy everyone in general.

s.he will also ask herself the three questions

– has sissy served a woman today already?
– has sissy placed a womans needs far above her own this day already?
– has sissy done something that defines her as a sissy servant even more already?

every day.

Last not least this sissy will memorize the sentence of Mz. Rebekka always, which says “Obsequious is the operative word for a sissy.
Never give an opinion unless asked.
Always anticipate any Woman’s needs or desires for assistance….”


sissy tanja


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